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There’s a shift in the landscape. Current approaches to business, learning and life are insufficient. The linear assembly-line mentality is broken. That LINE is now a CIRCLE.

Learn to Step in the Circle with Bradley Rapier.

Experience the GROOVE!

Step in the CIRCLE

Activate • Innovate • Collaborate

What Circles have you standing on the outside just WAITING to step in?

Bradley walked away from the pursuit of a career in medicine to help heal people through Groove Theory™. Groove Theory™ is rooted in his 30+ years experience in the world of street dance culture as a performer, award winning choreographer, producer and storyteller. He pioneered a movement in Los Angeles that rocked the dance community, launched countless artists and changed the landscape for hip hop on all mediums. This led Bradley to the highest levels in the entertainment industry in television, film and theatre from L.A. to New York, along with international conferences and adjunct professorships at major universities.

Whether Bradley was collaborating with executives, production teams, artists or interns he saw a common thread in those who were able to unify, innovate and lead in the high pressure and chaotic nature of the business. This grounding thread was mirrored in Bradley's journey in street dance culture and summarized in his phrase:

"It's NOT the MOVE, it's the GROOVE"® 


NOW, using his extensive life experience paired with powerful analogies and mastery from the culture, Bradley activates and guides audiences with a dynamic approach to break free and... 


GROOVE Theory™ Cross Functional TEAM BUILDING: 

Every time a new client is approached we step in the ring. When team members aren’t fully present they fall back on pre-selected moves that turn into a robotic dance that nobody enjoys. 

Groove Theory™ experiences guide entrepreneurs and sales teams into the confidence to bring their full authentic self and A-game to every single meeting. This leads to new levels of motivation and efficiency that will have your team operating like a well oiled machine.


The unique approach of Groove Theory™ enables participants to break out of comfort zones and Step in the Circle with success through an engaging exploration of communication concepts, authentic interaction, in the moment innovation, problem solving and leadership.

• Improve Company-Client Relations

• Unite and Energize Team

• Expand Ability to Adapt 

• Increase Productivity 

• Build Trust  


Break free from stress, burnout, and the fear that comes from living with a move mindset!
"Bradley Rapier brings such a dynamic, passionate, and inspiring presence to a conference experience. We were honored to have Bradley join the EPIC International Summit as a keynote speaker and workshop leader. He truly has a gift of engaging with the audience in a way that encourages heartfelt transformation and a mindset shift towards possibilities. Through Bradley’s talented delivery and skillful storytelling, he can draw people into both reflection and action. The feedback from Bradley’s participation during our event was extremely positive and we look forward to having him involved again!”

- Dr. Steve Ralph - Founder, EPIC Impact Society | EPIC International Summit
Bradley_Rapier-436-(ZF-7670-23647-1-445) 2_edited_edited.png
"Bradley served as the ringleader for what is surely one of the most complicated musical theater sequences ever staged, merging all different disciplines together for breathtaking effect."

–Des McAnuff, Tony Award-winning Director
“Bradley allowed me to see how he operates. The training I’ve received working with him was eye opening and has impacted me tremendously. He really helped me find infrastructure in how I started creating and directing. His approach opens you up and gives you confidence in the process.”

- Rynan “Kid Rainen” Paguio, JABBAWOCKEEZ co-founder
"Bradley masterfully uses creative storytelling, audience activation and his unique life experience to deliver thought provoking content in such an engaging way. Bradley always has our attendees on their feet, waiting to hear and see what is next. We love Bradley and look forward to working with him again!”

-Zac Tinney, Host of DCX & Table Network
"What strikes me most about Bradley is his rich background and experience in this culture, the respect he receives from those involved in the art form, and the passionate spirit that propels him to believe dance can actually change the world"

–Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer

Bradley takes you to the center of the FREESTYLE circle and challenges you to GROOVE into real authenticity

–Dan Roseblade
Founder, FOSTER | greatnessTM
“Bradley Rapier is a breath of fresh air for creatives. He breaks people out of their stifling hot box of life and invites them into a new world filled with possibility and adventure. Bradley spoke at our conference and broke so many of our attendees out into freedom to explore who they are as creative individuals. I'm a forever fan of Bradley Rapier.”

Brae Wyckoff, Award-winning Author,
Director Kingdom Writers Association
“Bradley draws out the GREATNESS in others! His talks are high-energy, interactive and grounded in a wealth of experience. His session had our attendees talking (and dancing) for the rest of the day!”

- Chris Meroff, Author of ALIGN, DCX Founder
“Bradley Rapier was at the helm. Seeing how he was able to connect this group of professionals and celebrate their uniqueness through performance and exchange inspired me even more than I knew at the time. I see that influence now, so clearly reflected in my own career and tribes; Seaweed Sisters and my crew Fanny Pak… And luckily, I run into Bradley a few times a year. I always look forward to that smile, that hair, and that hug!”

Megan Lawson - Choreographer: Adele, Madonna | Creative Director: Fanny Pak
“As the principal developer and activator of this transformational Groove Theory process, Bradley is like the Tony Robbins of Street Dance culture.”

David Litwin - Digital Artist, Designer & Branding Specialist, Author, CEO of Pure Fusion Media

How did Bradley Rapier, who grew up in a town known for oil, rodeos, and ranching as the only black kid in his neighborhood in an environment far removed from street culture become a street dance pioneer in his native country of Canada? 

How was he able to lead a generation of performers in the US, influencing and impacting the landscape for hip hop dance in culture and media and go on to perform, choreograph, and orchestrate complex multi-layered productions at the highest levels in the industry from L.A.’s television and commercial world to New York’s Broadway stages? 

HEAR Bradley’s compelling story of perseverance and optimism amidst internal struggle, fear, and personal challenge. 

HEAR his encouraging pro-active approach that crossed over multiple cultural barriers and took him into the heart of the entertainment circle.
SEE how Bradley’s unique journey through the lens of street dance culture brought him to the awareness of a larger GROOVE at work: a Groove that provides grounding and a pathway to creative freedom and authentic innovation. A Groove that is available to us all. 

STEP in the Circle with Bradley Rapier. Come experience The GROOVE! 
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