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Bradley Rapier 
Founder: Groove Theory® | GROOVE Mindset® | The Groovaloos®
Freestyle Activator | Groove Orchestrator | Believer in the Greater


According to a 2022 Gallup survey, employee engagement has reached its lowest level since 2015 and active disengagement has risen each year since 2020. We face an epidemic of people in retreat; isolated, feeling unqualified, irrelevant and living small. 


To break past this isolation, to experience life confidently connected to others and to our dreams with wonder, fulfillment and lasting impact, our approach to engagement MUST change. It's time to step out of our cubicles and learn how to STEP IN THE CIRCLE. 


When we aren’t fully present, communication shuts down and we fall back on our default settings, pre-selected moves that turn into an awkward dance nobody enjoys. The flow of creativity and innovation stops. The lack of authentic engagement affects the bottom line in organizations and relationships from productivity to mental health.


Through Groove Theory®, Bradley Rapier has translated his extensive experience entering circles of all kinds into a process accessible to all. His GROOVE Mindset® Team Building sessions provide a pathway of discovery and activation filled with specific tools to unlock false perceptions that hold back countless numbers of leaders, coaches, and teams from their potential.  


Bradley thrives in the tension of the unknown. The award winning choreographer, speaker, and host stepped off a career path in medicine to immerse himself in over three decades of experience in street dance culture, producing, storytelling and talent development. He pioneered a movement in Los Angeles that ignited the hip hop dance community, launched countless artists and led him to the highest levels in the entertainment industry from L.A.’s commercial world to New York’s Broadway stages. Examples include: The Ellen Show, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, creation of the acclaimed Off-Broadway and touring production "GROOVALOO", along with multiple collaborations with the Tony award winning directors of Hamilton and Jersey Boys


Bradley developed Groove Theory® as an adjunct professor at The University of Southern California. Through years of training in the CIRCLE, Bradley learned the incredible value of 360 degrees of heightened interaction. His unique process and dynamic approach guides us into the mindset of those able to unify, innovate, and lead amidst the high pressure and disruptive nature of today’s industries and the growing culture of isolation we find ourselves in. Using powerful analogies and mastery from street dance culture paired with his unique CIRCLE framework, Bradley guides business leaders, entrepreneurs, and teams into transformative engagement. 


Move from feeling disconnected, unqualified, and living small to being grounded, confident, and operating fully alive. Step in the CIRCLE, Get in the GROOVE.

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“The training I’ve received working with Bradley was eye opening and has impacted me tremendously. He really helped me find infrastructure in how I started creating and directing. His approach opens you up and gives you confidence in the process.”

- Rynan “Kid Rainen” Paguio, JABBAWOCKEEZ co-founder

Bradley truly has a gift of engaging with the audience in a way that encourages heartfelt transformation and a mindset shift towards possibilities. Through his talented delivery and skillful storytelling, he can draw people into both reflection and action!”

- Dr. Steve Ralph - Founder, EPIC Impact Society | EPIC International Summit

“Bradley draws out the GREATNESS in others. His talks are high-energy, interactive and grounded in a wealth of experience. His session had our attendees talking (and dancing) for the rest of the day!”

- Chris Meroff - Best Selling Author, DCX Founder

“Through Groove Theory® Bradley calls out blocks buried within us. Blindspots we have just lived with, unaware they were holding us back from our potential. He challenges us internally and calls us out into confidence, guiding us in a way that allows us to see how flimsy and phony our false perceptions were.” 

- Chester Lechadores - MBA, Infosec Third Party Risk Management

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